Nintex Workflow – Retrieve user’s display name from their login name

I am getting the hang of creating Nintex Workflow for SharePoint and I must say this is one sort of a challenge as I ought to learn it by myself.

I recently had an issue with diplaying names in email notification when user request’s for training for other person.

The attached article discusses the how-to’s, please feel free to view or download.

Nintex – Retrieve Display Name


SharePoint – The column name you have entered is already in use or reserved. Choose another name

When you’re creating columns either the Site Columns or the List Columns in SharePoint, suddenly it might show a message stating “The column name that you entered is already in use or reserved. Choose another name.” Here is the fix for this issue.

1. Goto Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings
2. Under Galleries, choose Site Content Type
3. Select the content type and choose the column
4. Edit the column in new window
5. On your browser address bar, type the following and enter:
javascript:g_FieldName={};alert(‘Successfully cleared forbidden columns’);
6. Be sure you get the ‘Successfully cleared forbidden columns’ alert before proceeding, if not then something is wrong.
7. Change the column name and Hit OK

I sort of got frustrated with this as I could not return back the column name to its original settings but then thanks to this article as I was relieved from any trouble.

SharePoint Custom List with Custom Content Types and Custom Display Forms

I got stuck with having multiple content types having custom forms. I could not bind the content types other than the default one. I came accross with a solution on the internet which I would like to add here on my post for future reference (but I am hoping Microsoft will rectify this bug on their end):

The trick is to make the other content types as default before binding them in the list properties – supporting file. A cumbersome work but it paid off.

Copying or Moving SharePoint Lists

Here are some helpful tips on how to copy or move SharePoint lists in MOSS 2007. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. By using list templates – This is only possible when you meet the following criteria: a) if the data you want to move/copy is less than 10MB; b) You must be a member of a site group with the Manage Lists right on the source site and on the destination site; and c:) The source site and the destination site must be based on the same site template
  2. By exporting a list to a spreadsheet

Copy or move a list by using a list template

First things first, make sure that the size of the list (if you will import the data as well) must not exceed 10MB, use the Site Settings > Site Administration > View Storage Space Allocations and filter with Document lists to check and locate the target list.

To create a list template, go to Documents and Lists and select the list. On the list, select Settings > List Settings and under Permissions and Management click on “Save list as template”. Give it a name (filename and template name). Select the Include content check box to include the data. Hit OK. This will appear in your site collection list template gallery.

To view the site collection list template gallery, click on Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings. Under Galleries, select list templates. If your sites are not in the same site collection, download the list template from the source site by clicking on the list and saving it on a network drive.

On the destination site open the list template gallery on the target site collection. In that page, click on upload and search for the list template you have saved earlier on a network drive. To create a copy of the list, on the destination web site, click on Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings, under Site Administration click on Site libraries and lists. On that page select “Create New Content” and look for the list under Custom Lists.

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